CBD Topicals

Suncanna Oils carries prime CBD cream to New England customers. There are a wide variety of CBD topical options, from creams to balms, oils, and more. Our company offers products that have been third-party tested for the purest and most potent ingredients. We prioritize an inventory full of organic, wholesome products to ensure your healthiest lifestyle. Whether you struggle with daily muscle pain or are an athlete, we can help you choose the best regimen. Contact us today for your next purchase.

What CBD Topicals Can I Use For Pain?

When using a CBD ointment, consider that every product has its unique purpose and dosage. Primarily, they can be used interchangeably with slight differences across the board. Lotions typically have softer textures, while balms are manufactured a bit thicker. Ingredients are what form each item into how they function with your body. CBD lotions mostly contain oil and water in a 1:1 ratio, and oils have the thinnest consistencies. Consider the following topicals when deciding what to use:

  • Cream – Whether you’re on the go or settling down for the night from a gym workout, we carry creams for all needs.
  • Bombs – These are great for relaxation in a hot bath after a busy day. Whether you’re an athlete or a CBD lover, bath bombs aid in muscle soreness, stiffness, and more. Our bombs are infused with lavender oil, cocoa seed butter, and coconut oil.
  • Oil – Our CBD oils soften and moisturize your skin for optimal results. It is perfect for sensitive skin and glides smoothly.
  • Balm – Suncanna’s balm is infused with CBD oil, beeswax, lavender, and eucalyptus oil. Its scent is incredibly refreshing and calming!

How Does CBD Cream Work?

CBD topicals are simple to apply for beneficial results. You can rub small amounts of CBD creams or lotions into your skin. We recommend minor dosages first, so you don’t use too much product and cause unwanted effects. Some customers feel relief after two hours of applying CBD to their skin. The results can last from two to six hours, depending on your body and how many topicals you use. Our bath bombs are the perfect option for a relaxing experience after a long day. They are easy to use by filling up your tub with hot water and dropping one bomb in to dissolve.

What Are the Benefits of CBD?

There are several benefits when using our CBD products. Whether you want to improve your sleeping habits, recover from a sports event, or relax after an exhausting day, we carry what you need. Our products are designed to enhance the following for your daily living: 

  • Recovery – Allowing your skin and body to breathe and recover is prime when using CBD oil.
  • Rest – Applying CBD products to your skin allows you to relax your brain and the mind of your muscles. This serves as a gateway for the perfect night’s sleep.
  • Relaxation – Our CBD topicals are perfect for a relaxing day when paired with other aromatically satisfying ingredients. Think of an excellent night to watch a movie, apply CBD lotion, and light a candle in your home.

Suncanna Oils Can Help You With Your CBD Healing

Suncanna Oils is proud of our dedication to providing excellent customer service. By carrying products of the highest quality, we aim to improve people’s quality of life throughout New England. Our team knows how important it is to use organic and natural supplements to help people. Our CBD selection has been tested to ensure that it contains the purest possible ingredients. Suncanna can help you choose the best items for your needs when you’re ready to buy. Contact us today for questions.